SIERRA PELONA MUSIC has a 15-year history
of providing high-quality music, voice, and SFX for film,
television, games, and electronics.

We offer a wide range of services including original music composition, music and vocal recording, songwriting (music and/or lyrics), MIDI implementation into various chips and platforms, voicecasting, voiceover recording and dialogue editing, foreign language editing, sound editing, sound design, audio for animation, script development and preparation, and session direction.

We maintain a fully equipped, comfortable sound recording and editing facility located in the Nashville Tennessee metropolitan area. We are committed to building strong client relationships, with the focus on creativity and exceptional service.


precious_places_DVD.jpg  The first two DVDs and webisodes of "Precious Places" 
  (for Fisher-Price) can be found on the internet.  
  Theme song, original soundtrack, voicecasting, audio 
  editing, sound effects, and final master mix by the 
  team at Sierra Pelona Music.  Original music by Eric
  Swanson and theme by Eric Swanson and Lianne Sterling.
  Here's a link to see the newest episodes:
                                 Precious Places
Serpent Pirate Ship-eps3.jpg
The third exciting episode featuring the Heroes of Imaginext , "Serpent Pirate Ship"  is now available on the internet.   
The action is captured in great CGI animation, with original soundtrack by Eric Swanson, and editing, sound effects,
and final mix by the team at Sierra  Pelona Music.  
Here is a link to the Imaginext episodes, including "The Serpent Pirate Ship":    Serpent Pirate Ship


Composer Eric Swanson, of Sierra Pelona Music, has won the Dale Melbourne Herklotz Award for his original musical score for this feature film directed by James Slocum and produced by Barrie Osborne.
<< Music from the Award-Winning feature film, "The Last Place On Earth."


   A recently released full-length
   Family  feature  starring The
   Brady Bunch's
Florence Henderson
   tells the story of a lonely foster
   child who befriends a lost rabbit
   and finds the place where she
   The original soundtrack is by
   composer Eric Swanson, and the
   film has been seen on DVD, 
  Netflix, Pay-per-View, and cable
  channels. It has received positive
  reviews and won numerous 
  awards.  It is also seen under its 
  alternate title, "Just Where I  

<< Music from the feature film, "The Christmas Bunny."